Friday, June 25, 2010

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 A business with no sign is a business with no business

Your potential customers first impression comes from the quality of your sign.  Signage is an integral part to the success of your business.  Having a professionally made sign can help you attract more potential customers.

Advertising your business is costly.  Signage is the least expensive yet most effective forms of advertising.

To get more bang for your buck offers many affordable signage solutions.  SigntificSign combines centuries old hand carved artistry with modern materials and technology to eliminate most problems inherent with wood.  Wood signs eventually start to split, crack, warp, twist and rot.  New materials eliminate these risks along with reducing the cost to produce the sign.  Here are a few examples of some old hand carved artistry made with modern materials.

Click Here to view a slide show of hand carved signs.

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Get your business noticed at night too.  Unlike fragile neon signs Led Lamps will last for years.  Led Lamps can burn for over 100,000 hours without needing to be maintained or fixed.  Led Lamps can be cut to almost any shape.  Logo's and other shapes can now be created at a fraction of the cost of neon signs.  Led Lamps also can run off a simple 12v battery which is perfect when there is no electric running.  They also run on simple 110 household current.  Running a Led Lamp with 12v batteries saves you money because there is no need for expensive ballasts or fluorescent bulbs.

Click Here to view a slide show of Led Lamp signs. 

SigntificSign created a the banner below.  I promote my Internet Writing Business writing about small businesses in the area I live.  I wrote many blogs and articles about and in return they created a banner for me to use over and over again.

Facts About Sign Holders & Banners

Corogated Plastic known as Coroplast looks like white cardboard but is for more durable.  Coroplast is mostly used for step-stake signs and golf outing tee signs.

Interested in roadside advertising?  A-Frame's are a perfect solution.  A one-time purchase of the A-Frame and can supply changeable faces for updating your message.  Click Here to view a video slide of the different A-Frame's SigntificSign offer.

Flags are also an inexpensive solution for your advertising needs.  Placing a flag on a roadside designed with a word or two can bring attention to your storefront by catching a potential customers eye.

Advertising is costly but if you do a little research you can find an advertising idea that fits into your budget while you attract potential customers and in the long run increases your sales.

PVC post and panels are another affordable way to advertise your business.  Weather resistant PVC posts and panels prevent splitting, rotting or cracking unlike old fashioned wood.  PVC posts are much stronger than the standard 4"x4" wood posts.  PVC posts offers many different options such as raised letters, light boxes and digital graphics.  PVC posts are custom made to create your desired look and feel.  Click Here to view a slide show of past work we have done for many businesses.